RBR Mix 002: Last Dance London

This week LDL brings us some of the best new in UK bass music, ranging from dark tribal stompers to foot tapping future garage, listen and download the mix below.

Who is involved in running last dance london and what does each individual do?

There are three of us that run the whole thing. I am the Senior Editor which basically means that I am involved in all sorts – My main role is putting together and recording the podcast, working on content for the music section, and general making sure things tick over in terms of promotion and management. As well as this there are two other guys that founded Last Dance: Jack Notley and Josh Marsh – Jack is the Photography Editor, and also takes care of the web admin and general management/promotion for the Last Dance. Josh is our Arts Editor, and he also plays a massive part in the overall presentation of what we do. Oh yeah and a guy called Sven…. I haven’t actually ever met him, but he has done a sterling job in helping us put the site together. Big shouts to him for that.

Although the initial idea for what we do was mine, we all play a crucial part in allowing Last Dance to operate effectively. We have regular meetings that allow us to objectively look at how we are going to move forward with things. Despite being close friends for along time, we all have different opinions and influences, which in turn adds to the way we operate – I think it’s better to have three good points of view to work with, rather than just one. It’s sometimes very easy to get very caught up in what you are doing; but with three people working together I feel we really do get the most out of what we want to achieve.

What is your musical background?

Well… my musical background is extremely varied. When I was a lot younger I used to love metal, and then slowly moved on to glitchy electronica. As I got older I became open to all different types of music, and I was always desperate to hear something new and different. In around late 2006 I locked into the early-ish sound of Dubstep, and went absolutely crazy for it…. But after moving from Dorset and living in London for almost three years now, I have had my mind opened to so many different types of music. I love pretty much anything, just aslong as I can feel a real sense of passion in it. Whether it be a very simple drum pattern, or a complex melody; sometimes music can really open up your imagination with the sound scapes it contains – This fascinates me.

How does the mix you’ve prepared for RBR reflect the music that you cover on your website?

It’s a selection of sounds that I really love at the moment – Some of it is quite deep, some of it is pretty chilled, and some of it is just good club music. Almost in line with the last question, my main aim with regards to this mix was to try and include a whole range of sounds. Tracks like “Exit3” by Guy Andrews, and “Maria” by Koreless are an example of some of the newer artists that we like to cover, where as tracks like “Fatherless” and the Mosca remix of “Sing” by Four Tet, are pieces that completely blew my mind the 1st time I heard them; so they had to be thrown in.

What elements of the current music scene interest you the most, and what directions do you see them taking?

Wowza! How long have you got?! There are so many things that are exciting in music at the moment. I think the best thing is that genres and scenes are really interacting with each other, and has resulted in some exceptional music being put out there. The fact that a DJ can go from 125BPM to 140BPM over the course of a set shows just how open people are to new sounds now. It’s brilliant! To be honest I have no idea where things are going, and to be honest, I like it that way.

Lastdance covers a range of different media, how do you feel they are linked? and how do they contribute to music?

As mentioned before, it’s more a case of embracing creativity in whatever form it may take – They are all linked into each other in some way. If you look at any decent label or magazine, they have all different types of media on their sites, with each medium having its own unique way of allowing people to engage with whatever it is that is being presented.

What artist at the moment would you say shows a lot of promise?

There are so many, it would be impossible to mention just one. Guy Andrews, Dark Sky, Memotone, Koreless, Lapalux, Throwing Snow, Ruby and The Vines, Addison Groove, Reso, Vekta – to mention just a few; but I could easily talk your ear off about a load more.

What does last dance london have planned for the coming months?

We will continue to cover the things that excite us. We have an interview + guest mix coming up from Lung, who has recently signed to Med School, an interview with the guys that run Pictures, and we will be catching up with Throwing Snow. All of this will be up on the site over the course of the next few weeks in line with this, we will be running our monthly podcast that drops on the 1st of every month. We have already secured guest mixes from HXDB, Guy Andrews and Lapalux for upcoming podcasts, so lots of cool stuff to come.

Oh yeah and Last Dance will be representing at the Bath Plug festival alongside the likes of Memotone, Throwing Snow, Blue Daisy and Statix. I am going to be doing a DJ set – Very excited about this!!

And finally, give us a run down of your top 5 tunes at the moment.

Lapalux – There Are Monsters In This Bed (forthcoming on Pictures Music)

Aaliyah – Try Again [Memotone Rework]

Vekta feat. Lem Park – Omega (forthcoming Fengshui Recordings)

Guy Andrews – Exit3

Ruby and The Vines – Red Storm

Stay tuned with Last Dance London over the next few months as they continue to update their website with a wealth of new media and some truly exclusive interviews!


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