RBR Mix 003: Clarity

Below you can stream/download Clarity’s exclusive RBR guest mix, a wicked selection of uptempo tech rollers and emotive synth steppers, this is one not to be missed!

Over the last few years the list of innovators involved with Drum and Bass has grown ever stronger and shows no sign of slowing down. In the last five years the scene has seen an influx of new talent in the shape of artists like Bop, Rockwell, Oak, Hybris, and Data, and as we enter the second decade of the millenium it looks like this trend is set to continue…

How did you get into making music?

I first got into making music a little less than 3 years ago when a friend introduced me to FL Studio. I was hooked and I’ve been using the same software for about 2 years seriously ever since.

How do you get yourself comfortable and ready for a production session?

Usually before I sit down to start a new tune I have a listen to a lot of different music, I find it helps you to get some inspiration and an initial idea of what you want to write.

What mediums of art do you find most inspiring and why? How do these (if at all) help to shape your sound?

Music is the most obvious one, but I think film is an important inspiration too, for example; watching a horror can inspire you to write a darker track visa versa. Film titles often work there way into some of my track titles too!

Being an up and coming producer in 2010/11 what do you think has helped you get noticed?

Many things. One of them has got to be the support I’m getting from other artists such as SpectraSoul, Mutated Forms, Grooverider & Bailey, that’s helped to expose my tunes, it’s actually quite surreal. Another thing that’s helped me get my tunes out there is SoundCloud, alot of support on there, so thanks!

What advice would you give to people trying to get their stuff out to labels?

The easiest way is to contact them directly, fire them a message and get hold of their AIM, send across a few of your best tunes and wait for a reply. Some won’t and some will. Just be careful who your send your tunes to as well, there’s usually more chance of getting a track signed if you keep it a little exclusive!

When you collaborate with artists do you find it easier to sit down with them or bounce stuff across and work on elements individually?

I like to sit down with them but it usually ends up in the same scenario where you transfer bits across, which is usually down to the lack of my own studio (an old rusty dell computer and a pair of headphones is what I’m using right now). Most artists I collaborate with are often far away too, so it tends to be easier to send ideas across and work on them that way.

What do you have planned for 2011?

I have a few releases planned. A 12″ coming out mid-year on Nu Directions featuring ‘Dreams Within Dreams’ & Fingerprints’; A 12″ EP coming out on Influenza Minus; a collab with the mighty EastColors entitled ‘Someone To Count On’ will be coming out on the flip to his tune ‘Go To Nowhere’ on Phunkfiction; a few digital bits are coming out too on IM:Ltd and Think Deep; and as well as that ‘Underneath The Leaves’ is coming out very soon on the New Blood 011 compilation on Med School. So lots of tunes to look forward to! I also have a few gigs lined up, so I’ll be playing out more too which I’m really looking forward to.

Production tip:

Use good clear sounds. Experiment with different samples. Make your own synth sounds rather than presets (much more satisfying). Spend time on the mixdown (it can sometimes take longer on the mixdown than actually writing the track!). But most importantly, find your own sound.

Top 5 artists to watch? 

Foreign Concept, Nuage, Bulb, Skeptical & Dakosa.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

‘Arrows’ by Icicle,

‘Mob Justice’ by Foreign Concept,

‘Rafale’ by War,

‘Cracker’ (Jubei Remix) by Enei, EastColors & Noel

‘Snowflakes Catcher’ by Spherique.

2011 looks like a promising year for Clarity with releases due on Nu Directions, Influenza, and Med School. To Keep up to date with all that is Clarity, just head over to his Soundcloud.

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