RBR Mix 004: Toby Kaar

Toby Kaar has donated an eclectic mix of some of his favourite sounds, check out the mix below and check out some brilliantly crafted beats in his exclusive RBR guest mix.

Toby Kaar drifts between the ever blurring lines of hip hop, techno and leftfield electronica; a combination subject to a wealth of different influences and sonic possibilities. Combined with a highly interactive and visually engaging live show, Toby shows the potential of his cross genre sound on the front line just as well as the studio. Cruising alongside the fast paces of the Irish electronic scene with his own headline shows and some big name support slots, we caught up with Toby to find out where it’s all going and to hear some of the sounds which come together to form his own aesthetic.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Toby Kaar, I make music on my computer. I’m from Cork in Ireland but am studying in Bath right now….

How did you get into making music? What were your first influences?

I used to just mess about with music programs on my family’s PC, but then started taking it more seriously after a while when I liked what I made… I guess my first influences were bands like the Postal Service and Mum, and also IDM like Aphex Twin. I don’t listen to that stuff that much anymore though…

You’re playing out a lot in Ireland, how’s the scene over there treating you?

It’s going really well actually. I’m meeting a lot of people involved in music around the country and have gotten some really good gigs. Ireland’s really good for that. Because it’s so small, it’s really easy to meet other producers and promoters.

What situations and processes do you find to help you be the most creative? How do you get comfortable to produce your music?

I guess to make music well, I just need to sit down at a track and not worry about other stuff, and especially not rush stuff. It takes me ages to make tracks usually. I find a selection of beverages helps as well. And a good chair.

Signature sounds… What elements of your music help define yours?

I don’t really know, I’m still experimenting, to a large degree… I think a lot of my music has some kind of emotive thread in it, something a bit human within all the electronic stuff. At least, I try to put that in….

Talk us through your live setup, how does it work with your studio productions?

My live setup and my studio setup are two different things, really. I always try to make my live show as “live” as I can, short of having a band and learning to play an instrument. So I’ve got a Monome, which has some lead parts of tracks loaded that can be chopped up. The Monome can also be used as a simple drum sequencer. I’ve got all the other parts of my productions loaded and controlled by a MIDI controller and sometimes I use a drum pad for more fills. I got a keytar around New Year, which I want to use live too.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got a load of gigs in Ireland coming up, supporting Walls, Max Tundra and Gold Panda at different times and some festivals, hopefully… I think a remix I did for Throwing Snow will be coming out on a compilation, and I’m working on some more tracks, which might be released, I’ll see how I feel about it. I’m playing the Bath Plug festival in May. I don’t know what else really. Try not to fail this year of Uni.

Give us a rundown of the mix you’ve done for us

I was going to do a live set but I didn’t know if it would be the same away from a live setting. So I made a mix, well, more of a mixtape of some stuff that I’ve been listening to recently. I hope you like it!

Lichens – Anemonae

Xela – Savage Ritual

Prefuse 73 – Pagina Cinco

00Genesis – Dew

Nouveaunoise – Cinnte (Toby Kaar’s Cloudy Mix)

Tape – A Spire

Plearn Promdam – Ting Ling

Daedelus – Youve Changed

Sacred Animals – Wired, Islands (Toby Kaar’s Treefrog Dub)

Cloudland Canyon – Holy Canyon / Vanquish..

We are looking forward to hearing more from Toby in 2011, to follow his movements visit his soundcloud @ www.soundcloud.com/tobykaar

Listen to the mix at the top of the page, or to download just click here

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