RBR Mix 005: Lostlojic

Lostlojic prepared for us an exclusive guest mix, pleasuring your ears with the best up and coming post dubstep sounds from around the world, check out the mix below, don’t miss out!

Lostlojic is making a stir within the 2 step scene, with strong, detailed productions with a careful sense of atmospherics and harmony, Lostlojic has his own distinct sound amongst the vast selection of forward thinking dance music producers. We asked him a few questions and got him to put together a mix of some of the finest tracks in his collection.

Lostlojic, introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Lostlojic – Electronic musician and DJ from Kiev, Ukraine.

What’s your musical background? How did you arrive at the sound you produce today?

I always liked melodic, beautiful music with vocals, After listening to drum & bass music, I realized that this is one of the best parts of the music. I quickly tired of d&b, after listening to Burial I was drawn to the slower things. I try to stick with “deep techno – future garage”. I always try to experiment with drums, voices and tones.

What is the music scene like in Ukraine? How has the new wave of garage and dubstep we see today been recieved?

In Ukraine we have a lot of promoters and DJ’s who play dubstep.

Theres not a great deal of DJ’s playing garage music, its more hard dubstep, which is not what I like to play.

Does your live setup consist of DJ’ing? Or laptop performance?

Unfortunately right now I only play my music as a DJ, but I’m looking to get into performance.

Your productions are pretty emotive whilst keeping a big dancefloor appeal, what influences have moved you towards this sound and how do you construct it?

Now I am making music around 130 bpm, trying to to do my own specific drums, and the main part of any good track – an ‘unknown’ beautiful vocal.

Let’s talk kit, what’s your setup and what are some of your favourite ways to produce?

My favourite program is Reason, I’ve used it for something like 6 years. Also Audition and a few other small programs.

You have releases due out on MOM (Millions of Moments) and the newly formed Cut Records, tell us a little bit more about how you ended up working with them

I did an EP with Estonian producer ‘Bisweed’ called “Will Be” with four tracks on it, is the fruit of long work, a long awaited release for both of us.

My own EP “Out of Ctrl” forthcoming this spring on vinyl and digital formats

on new label Millions of Moments UK.

Alex DFRNT who runs Cut Records invited me to participate in a compilation album.

I know DFRNT`s music and respected label Echodub, so it didn’t take long to think about giving them ‘Give Me Love’

What does 2011 look like for lostlojic?

[MOMUK1] “Will Be” EP (ft. Bisweed, + Rush`d Remix) 12″ + Digital Release Date : Spring 2011

[MOMUK2] “Out of Ctrl” EP

12″+ Digital

Release Date : Spring 2011

[MOSCD2XX] “Adventures in Dubstep Vol.2” LP

Track “Overworld ft. Bisweed”

CD + Digital

Release Date : 6th JUNE

[INMINLP002] “Before I Let Go My Missing Piece” LP

Track “Spirits ft. i3i3”


Release Date : 7/06/2011

What artists are you following the most as of late?

Pixelord, Klatu, Clueless, Policy, Kahn, Nocow, Psychonaught, Buck UK…

And 5 of your favourite tunes at the moment?

The mix has all my favourite tracks 🙂

Pariah – Railroad

Klatu – Zealous

Buck UK – Rain (Home)

Synkro & Indigo – Guidance

Pixelord – Equis

Check out more from LostLojic at www.soundcloud.com/lostlojic

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