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The UK music scene has seen an influx of variations on the sounds of former years- a nostaligia that has found a home within the minds of two young producers going by the name of Bondax. With their modern fusion of UK bass sounds both past and present, Bondax have lit a flame of promise in the scene and have kindly presented us with an insight into their work, along with a mix to outline their favourite sounds of now.

Introduce yourselves

Hello we’re George and Adam, a production duo based in Lancaster (at the moment). We’re 17 (Adam) and 18 (George) years old and put out music under the name Bondax. 

What sounds are you guys pushing?

Well we keep getting thrown into this future garage area and yes people like mount kimbie etc have affected us but not really massively. We’re trying to forward the next wave of music through fresh, clean, relaxing, happy and melodic grooves. We’re very into hip hop sort of tempos at the moment but we play/produce anything from around 90-140 bpm (practically anything). Who knows what that is really? We’re very into the idea of beautiful original music.

What’s your musical background?

We have quite different musical backgrounds. I (George) was brought up on records like “Moby – Play” but other than odd stints on different instruments I was never that bothered about making music. By the time I was at secondary school I stopped playing any instruments but slowly started producing music (terribly) on my own at about 15. At first it was just a bit of a mess around and thought I’d try to make something funny to show my mates but slowly I got more into it and after a year or so I started producing a new track every few months.

I (Adam) have been in and out of bands since I was around 12, I got into drums when I was 8 and then moved on to guitar and piano, which are arguably my main instruments, and what we write melodys and chords on when we make tracks now. I started to mess around on Garageband and Cubase and stuff a little bit after George, making awful mashups or just generally going to down on the apple loop bank. I was a small helping hand for George before I officially joined, like helping him with keys and stuff, so when he asked me to join it seemed like a good idea, and I definitely think it was now haha.

Me and Batty became good mates as we grew through school and in our last year of GCSE’s I asked him to join and we decided we should have a go at making a bootleg together. The first attempt went well and from there we continued to this point… a year and a bit later!

What technical elements and methods does your music comprise of?

Layers. Just loads of layers, we use logic and by the time we finish every track the laptop starts going crazy. It’s massively annoying and we dream every night of owning a powerful mac but it might be a little while yet as we haven’t even been through the poor student phase yet haha. No one ever taught either of us how to produce so our music is literally “experimental” as pretty much everything we know is self taught and therefore not always the “right” thing. However we believe it’s part of what creates our own sound.

Are you playing out at the moment? How does your live performance take shape?

We’re playing when we can although school does effect when Adam can a bit. We just DJ at the moment which is what we want to do. Being so young we haven’t even had the chance to DJ around much yet and we both absolutely love DJing and the flexibility it gives so we want to do that for a few years to come. Our DJ sets tend to be quite a big mix of styles but we mainly try to put an emphasis on playing quality tracks from lesser known producers between current biggies and some old gems. The beauty when it comes to DJing over live performances is the crowd interaction in our opinion and the way in which you can see what a crowd is feeling and play off the back of their vibe. It’s a different skill to a live set although in the future we aim to move towards more of a live thing.

How receptive is your local music scene to what you and your peers are doing?

Terrible. We always say this and we can’t really see it changing. Lancaster is quite a small city with a very small tolerance for our sort of music. Luckily for us you can get to Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool easily. We’ll be moving to one of these cities within the next year.

Anything in the works from you guys?

Yeah we’ve got a 4 track EP done that’s been waiting around for a while. We’re hoping to get it out as soon as possible but we’ve had issues with samples that have set us back a bit so sadly we can’t say when it will be out for sure. Other than that we’ve just finished a load of remixes that you can find in all the obvious places. We’re also now working on another EP which is slightly more chilled and song based.

Talk us through your mix for RBR

We have gone on a hip hop vibe for this one, just more styles we’ve been listening to lately, opens with an exclusive for us, in a style reminiscent of ‘All I Want’.

Five artists you’re following at the moment?

1) 123mrk

2) Eliphino

3) Gang Colours

4) iO

5) Jonas Rathsman

Five of your favourite tunes at the moment?

1) Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Lapalux’s Bass Ballad Remix)

2) Pusherman – Fireworks

3) Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp

4) Slamagotchi – Too Early

5) Jonas Rathsman – Tobago

And give us a link, to anything on the internet you find interesting or want to share.

One of our tracks that’ll be dropping on our next EP “You’re So”

You’re So by Bondax

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